Locations in Poland

Poland is one of the biggest countries in Central Europe and its landscape offers a high range of diversity. The whole southern part of the country is covered by mountains, from higher Tatra with alpine panoramas, to lower Bieszczady whose wooded slopes provide wild sceneries. Across central Poland there is a vast area of plains used mainly for agriculture. On the northeast, there is the Masurian Lake Dictrict – breath-taking region with countless lakes and dense old forests. To the north, there is the Baltic Sea shore which stretches for over 300 km, providing variegated vistas, from wide sandy beaches with beautiful dunes to high cliffs.

Polish architecture is diverse and versatile as well. It can amaze with both its modern and traditional aspects. Given the tumultuous history of Poland, Polish borders were moved many times, making the country include a wide range of styles and international influences. Starting with Medieval castles and Renaissance buildings, numerous countryside villages, through modern and industrial cities and ambiences. The communism left its imprint as well – it is still echoing in various parts of the country.

Poland has a moderate climate with relatively warm summers and cold winters, with beautiful springs and autumns featured by yellowish to reddish colours, which makes it easy to get images depicting all four seasons in full swing.

Filming conditions / crew
Poland is a rather film-friendly country. Permits for news and documentary shootings are usually not required, unless you are going to film in a public space or private premises. For bigger projects, permits are requested but they are quite easy to obtain.

Another advantage of filming in Poland is its crews that usually are cheaper as compared to western countries, but at the same time they are highly professional and hardworking. Generally, almost everyone speaks English, which facilitates direct communication with members of the foreign production crew.


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